Aerial view of Fazenda Barranco Alto & Pantanal Lodge

For those who don't know the place, here is a short description:Barranco Alto ranch lies north of the rio Negro, flowing from top right to bottom right. Center left of it you see the airstrip, from 7 o'clock to 1 o'clock, and the main buildings with the guest house at the banks of the river.Bottom third is the RPPN (private reserve, 6km along the river).Right of the river is the newly acquired Fazenda Sta. Tomazia.Top third to the left, you see a white line, being it the power lines from town, that bring us electrical energy ...The rest, are the countless lakes and salinas (salty lakes).For those, who don't know it, this is a stimulation to come and visit Fazenda Barranco Alto !