About statistics

Although we know that they are around, the probability of seing a puma is very low. Over the last years we have spotted an average of about 10 pumas (Puma concolor, onça-parda, suçuarana) per year (March-November).
Over the last week, for some yet unknown reason, we were lucky enough to spot 3 pumas in 3 consecutive days. All sightings were at diff
erent places and most probably of 3 different cats, as the events occured independently. Our guests from England and France had 1 sighting per afternoon...
This was really amazing and because the pictures I managed to take are quite good, I thought of publishing it.
But be aware: seing any cat in the Pantanal (besides our house-cat) is a rare moment. And often if you are lucky enough, you'll see just a glimpse of it !

Photo of a female in the reeds ...

Photo of a big male.